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Website Builder  
                      Site construction is a process consisting of several stages:
  1. Goal Outline:
    1. The first step is to clarify your goal-this is mandatory. Before you make inquiries to which company can accomplish your work, you must know and decide what your goal is. Are you looking to sell or buy products, change the user's view of an issue or raise funds, and more.
    2. Once you know exactly what your goal is, you may move to the next step.

  2. Select a Company:
    1. You should choose a company with the following prerequisites:
      1. Experience.
        1. You should know that the supplier is not new in the field, and that he knows the network inside and out.
      2. Service and reliability.
        1. A company that builds even a half million sites is no guarantee that you will get the proper service.
        2. Experience, price and size of company do not ensure you good service. Good service is a service that will accompany you throughout the process of building a site, development and correct guidance after the construction of the site.
        3. You should make sure the supplier knows to pinpoint your precise requirements, understand them and to help realize them. And of course you have to make sure the company is trustworthy .
      3. Price .
        1. The price quote is not the main factor but you need to know what is included and what is not. Many companies will give you price quotes, but will omit details about the contract so they can later add on other fees.

  3. Features.
    1. After choosing a company with experience and confirming their good and reliable service and appropriate price for you, it's time to configure your website. You should specify the technical specifications and the content of the site such planning will save you much grief later.

  4. Design.
    1. Often designs that you find pleasing to the eye may not be favorable for web design. Web Graphics is not print so we recommend hearing the advice of the studio team before you express an opinion about design. With this said, you, of course, have the right to state your preference so the graphics designers can incorporate your ideas into a effective design.

  5. Website Construction .
    1. Let the professionals do their work.

  6. Promoting the network .
    1. Promoting the network.The overwhelming majority of web surfers look for information through various search engines such as Google, Yahoo or other indexes. The subject of network promotion is very important, and we recommend that you design the site with this in mind.

  7. Consistency.
    1. If you have a site with content management (content change), do not neglect it but continue to update it all the time. Remember – web surfers do not like neglected sites.
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